Ten (10) Ways To Identify Fake Friends This Year “2018” [Symptoms To Avoid]

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    As we begin this year, the true friends you know in 2017, might be the fake friends in 2018.
    There are some ways to identify fake friends without stressing yourself.
    Here are ten ways to identify the fake people in your life. Stay woke

    1. They like to talk about other people’s misfortunes A LOT. It’s what makes them sleep well at night
    They don’t share useful ideas with you, only bad news everytime

    2. They are super excited to see you, even if you guys aren’t close
    These ones can kill you. Beware

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    3. They have “PDN Syndrome” (Public Display of Niceness)

    4. They can talk about people behind their backs but as soon as those people show up they act like nothing happened
    Just know that they are also talking behind your back.

    5. They act nice when you’re the only person they can talk to, but as soon as someone they know shows up you’re invisible

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    6. Their actions are usually the opposite of what they say to the extent that you already expect to get disappointed by them

    7. They never remember anything you tell them

    Don’t even bother advising them because they’ll say you’re hating.

    8. They go from 100 to 0 real quick whenever you say “No” to them
    When they don’t get their way or what they want out of you, their true colors come through. Especially when they want to borrow something from you.

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    9. They advise you to do one thing, meanwhile they are doing the opposite
    For example, they advise you to appreciate your body and eat what you like, not knowing they’ve joined team fitfam or they tell you to leave your Cheat!ng partner, whereas they are reconciling with theirs.

    10. They always find a way to make the conversation about them

    So people, if you have any friends like this in 2018, you know what to do

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