Best Styles of Music to Listen to While Writing Academic Paper

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Studying requires a quiet place where there are preferably no people around, no animals, not even the least distracting sound, if you still believe in what you have just read, then you are unsurprisingly right. Whereas, if you believe that that’s the only optimal condition for productive study, then you may curiously be tempted to change your mind after reading the present essay.

Of course, the human mind is amazingly complex and enigmatic, and each person’s mind works in a similarly-different manner. In that, we may receive the same stimulus such as music, but we may perceive it mentally in different ways. Eventually, its effect would not be the same on all listeners. That’s why, it is noteworthy to mention that the study with music rule might not work for you not because of music, yet due to your choice, perhaps.

The following proposed music styles are put forward exclusively to help you through the process of choosing the best music styles to listen to while you are writing your academic paper. This choice is not arbitrary, it is consolidated by science.

Mozart Music

Mozart music is an omnipresent classical style that never ceases to fascinate us everyday. It is the music that is highly recommended for studying because it soothes the spirit and stimulates the brain softly and in a way that enhances concentration and focus. Writing your academic paper could end up more productive with Mozart’s calming music playing in the background.

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Although some would prefer Bach relaxing music over Mozart’s, the latter remains an optimal choice to free your mind and soul from negative thoughts and emotions that may hinder the writing process. A balanced state of mind is likely to come to the fore as a result of Mozart tunes. When you listen to it while writing, Mozart’s music offers infinite inspiration that would trigger new ideas.

Tai Chi Music

This music genre is known to be related to martial arts; in particular, to the idea of having balanced mind and body. It is featured by the control over the body and the state of mind by means of the internal strength to create harmony and deep connection. In this respect, aside from what Tai Chi music offers in terms of fitness and physical benefits, it fosters your deep writing efficiency through immersing yourself in your own world of tranquility, harmony, and mental control while listening to it at a moderate volume. Being in such a meditative realm thanks to this music style, a student would definitely embrace their mental energy and channel it in writing.

Lounge Music

Our ears can also be stimulated by Lounge music : a genre that has a lot to offer to anyone who engages in writing their academic tasks. In order to create a cozy and calm world for writing, students are encouraged to opt for Lounge music for the sake of attracting positive energy and evoking a sense of comfort suitable for writing. Thanks to its varied electronic and instrumental elements, a situation of relaxation and chillout is created, which would positively affect writing effectiveness by boosting the nervous system through such an easy listening.

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 Slow Progressive Psychill Trance

Have you ever felt not in the mood to study or write ? If yes, then this genre of psychedelic Trance that combines synthetically-layered rhythms and harmonious melodies is for you. It is a non-distracting music style that, thanks to its inclusion of other styles such as psybient, psychill, and progressive, a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere is created. While listening to this genre, you would come to terms with the fact that it energizes the brain and maintains the thread of thoughts as you write. Unlike the other relaxing genres, this music style saves you from feeling sleepy thanks to the progressive tempo riffs. You would feel awake but ready to offer a lot to your writing assignment.

Piano Instrumental Music

Instrumental music has become popular among students for its acoustic tunes that hold sway over the different areas of the brain that are responsible for synthetic, analytic, and creative tasks such as writing. Research in the field of music, neurology, and psychology support the idea that instrumental music is more beneficial to the mind and the soul than music with lyrics.

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According to DeGregoris, music that contains no vocal lyrics fosters the efficacy of learning, yet music with lyrics has a distracting effect. This idea is also corroborated by Goldman and Goldman in their book entitled Chakra Frequencies : Tantra of Sound. It could, therefore, be deduced that academic paper writing has better be situated in an instrumentally-alleviated environment.

Make a playlist

You are eclectic and you don’t wanna stick to just one music style ? Then creating your own playlist would be your best option. It is advisable that you prepare a playlist with all of your preferred songs or music genres beforehand so that you save yourself time and effort later on when you start writing your academic paper, or when you are proofreading and editing a pre-written one. You can easily make a playlist on your phone, youtube, itunes, spotify, 8tracks, and on many other platforms.

By and large, it may be said that music is an effective factor for productivity and excellence. Through her piece of research, Teresa Lesiuk proved that work could be accomplished more successfully when performed with music in the background. Likewise, writing is better done with music, mainly with the above-mentioned styles.

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