‘My Husband’s Pnis Disappoints When We Fck’- Woman Tells Court

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A 25-year-old housewife, Helen Bassey Umoh, has told an Akwa Ibom State High Court in Uyo to end her nine-month-old marriage with her husband, Michael Bassey Umoh over ‘malfunctioning’ of her husband’s manhood.

Helen, a graduate of Business Administration, told the court that Umoh’s “manhood always has inconsistent erection and that anytime the manhood becomes erect, he ejaculates within a few seconds which is not expected of a real man.”

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Helen also claimed in the court that her husband did not make known his health status before the marriage, which took place in April.

She said: “My husband cannot satisfy me in bed especially in the night. Anytime I deny him cex, he would pick up a fight; I am tired of the marriage.

“The marriage has not produced any child and I am fed up with my husband’s harshness. I urge the court to dissolve the marriage because there is no love between us.

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“My husband is fond of beating me unnecessarily and would at times curse me and lock me inside our bedroom.

“My husband blames me for our childlessness. I cannot continue to endure in an unproductive marriage and with a man that has no respect for his wife.”

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Her husband, however, denied all her claims during cross examination.

He said: “The non-erection of my manhood is not regular; it is just that I am not always in the mood whenever she is in the mood. I don’t use any enhancement drugs for cex as she alleged.”

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