How to Get Over Your Fear of Rejection

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How to Get Over Your Fear of Rejection

What do you worry about when you are twenty (or more) years old? You are interested in the family to a lesser extent, friends are more important as well as work, but most of all, you are interested in girls. Has this conclusion become a surprise for you? Your problems start there because even despite the fact that you are a good-looking, smart and generally up-and-coming guy, the girls reject you, and you have already had a fear of being rejected. What are you doing wrong? How to overcome the fear of rejection? There can be many reasons for the fear of rejection in relationships, but it’s not so important because you need to know not the reasons but the ways of meeting the challenge.

The solution to a problem that grows out from your fear of being rejected is hidden in your way of thinking. You should not be afraid to fail and to be rejected by girls. In fact, there is lot of nice things. So, how to get over the fear of rejection?Asian women dating can teach you a lesson or two.

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It can teach you.

Why is a rejection always nasty? People perceive it as spit on their cheek. It’s like if you have failed with a dating, it means that something is wrong with you. However, look at the rejection from the other side. Instead of seeing in it the mirror side of your own value in the context of relationships, try to see a useful feedback in it that teaches you to be better. Be thankful that you have been rejected because the girl has shown your weaknesses, the gaps in your technique. If you start reflecting on all the shortcomings, you will find an excellentway to ask a girl out effectively. Surely, this will require you to carefully analyze the refusal, but this is auseful moment for your further personal development that will help you in overcoming the fear of rejection.

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Lower demands on yourself.

Most men have so many thoughts and dreams when they get acquainted with a girl. You expect too much from dating when your goal should be extremely simple and understandable, you should just get acquainted with a girl, have a good time and, as a maximum, exchange contacts. Do not expect more from communication. Don’t not think that the first dating will inevitably lead to cex or a common life. If you try to control a goal that is quite complex for your level of communication, then you will quickly fail.

Set a goal to get a rejection.

There is such a thing in psychology as “rejection therapy,” it works great if you are an entrepreneur or a salesman. The task of this “therapy” is ease, you should make the girl reject you. You should do this every day. It looks pretty crazy, does not it? However, this technique works, especially in cases of overcoming social fears. When you aspire to rejection, then success comes to you as a by-product of a rejection.

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Rejection is a filter for compatibility.

More than 6 billion people live in the world. They all have different values, hobbies, tastes, and worldviews. Somewhere, there are people who are very similar to you, they are those very people who can become perfect friends, women friends, ideal partners. However, most people will consider you to be an unpleasant person, as well as you will consider someone to be unpleasant too, this is normal. Therefore, the mere fact of “rejection” is a chance to adjust your social course. It helps sort people by the kinship of souls. Have you ever thought that if the girl has rejected you, then, probably, you would feel bad with her because she “is not your soulmate.” When someone rejects you, you should be thankful to nature that you have been saved from wasting time, which means that you will connect your life with a more suitable person and not with someone who sucks your soul out. Think about that.

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