Why PDP Wants Buhari To Run As APC Candidate In 2019 – Spokesman

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national publicity secretary, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, says it is the wish of the opposition party to see the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) field President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

According to him, PDP will coast on to victory effortlessly.

“Buhari running will make it very easy for us. What achievement would he use as his campaign message?

“What would he tell Nigerians is the reason for his coming to do a second term?”, he told Sun.

“In our national life, there has been no improvement, it has been retrogression. Is it in politics, economy, security, and his fight against corruption? There is no record to present to Nigerians. It is going to be an easy finish off for us, and we pray he should be the APC presidential candidate.

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“Short of any rigging of the election, which we are going to be very vigilant and would not allow it to occur, there is no way Buhari will win another election in Nigeria. Even in the north, he lost his popularity, because Northerners ask themselves, if their lives are better today than some few years ago under the PDP? The answer would be an emphatic No.

“We have seen two and half years of this government and by 2019, Nigerians shall compare the four years of APC and four years of PDP, and know the party that cares for them. The records speak in favour of PDP.”

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On accusation that the PDP was behind non-performance of the Buhari administration, Adeyeye said the ruling party was already afraid of defeat in the next general elections.

“It is very stupid for anybody to continue to blame PDP for his inadequacy, and we will see how this blame game will help them in 2019, whether Nigerians elected you to come and blame anybody or to come and perform. We will see in 2019.

“The truth of the matter is that this government doesn’t have anything to offer; it is always blaming, and blaming.

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“When you have a government that is always blaming and looking for scapegoat for its inactions and failures, then you have seen an unserious government that can never deliver on any of its promises. That is the stock in trade of the ruling party, just to find scapegoat for all its inactions and in adequacies.

“APC is fixated on finding scapegoats for its failures. If they said that some people in PDP that came into their party polluted them, why can’t you just tell them to leave your party now, so that we can welcome them back and continue our march in progress towards 2019.”

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