“Please Respect Yourself” — Bobrisky Warns Lilian Esoro For Rejecting His Spirit From Her Son’s Life

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Actress Lilian Esoro shared a video of her son, Jaden wearing her wig as she played with it and captioned it, “Caught on camera, I reject every Bob spirit aminnnn“.

The video stirred mild reactions on social media. While many people thought the clip a tad hilarious, Bobrisky thinks it is an insult, because he called out the actress, warning her from ever mentioning his name in her homophobic outbursts.

“Lilian Esoro, I think I like you so I won’t disrespect you,” Bobrisky began in his post, adding, “Pleae let that not repeat itself. Must you call Bobrisky’s name in your video? I don’t find that funny at all. Cheers.”

But he returned again to make another emphatic statement:

“Please, let’s respect ourselves because my drama has no part 2.”

This is the first time the famous crossdresser will be keeping it classy with folks who dared to cross his path, unlike in the past when he dragged them mercilessly for day. And this has stirred reactions from folks.

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bearburruss: “Very nice and matured response.. Bob loyal and humble today unbelievable ”

mzhabibiz: “I like his warning.. put some respeck on his name Lily!”

my_black_is_ravishing: “He is right… must people always refer to him and call his name..please stop picking on him. He is not a threat to anyone’s life. This is cyber bullying.”

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