Nigerian lady graduates, 9 years after she was kicked out of medical school

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Medical school

Taking to Instagram to share her story, a Nigerian lady identified as Ekpenyong Crystal narrated how she graduated 9 years after she was kicked out of medical school because she failed woefully.

Here’s her story as she gives a summary of what happened in the last 9 years;

“This smile on my face has come to stay!!!!!!! 08/09 : Med/surg
2010/2011 : Failed mbbs woefully
2011/2012 : Failed resit exams woefully….. Yes, I was withdrawn from med/surg! Something that most of my closest friends will be finding out today!
2012/2013 : Started afresh in Clinical Biochemistry
2013/2014 : Promoted to the next level with weak grades and a terrible GP. Well, I was frustrated!!
2014/2015 : Failed woefully…. Had to repeat the class. At this point I was already tired and giving up!
2015/2016 : Probation year…. The turning point year….. The year my God changed my F’s to A’s…. 2016/2017 : Final year…. I survived two hospital admissions, a seizure, resistant malaria… An adverse drug reaction… And Asthma!! Still, i was able to ‘grab’ 7A’s and 4B’s.
Today : The journey of Nine years has come to an end. I went from a “Pass” CGPA to a Second class Upper Division CGPA. I went from Hopeless Failure to being among The top 5 best graduating students in my department. Today, I am a certified Clinical and Forensic Biochemist! Today I am a living proof that God can pick you up from ashes and make you soar like the eagles. I am El’Exito…”

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