N-Power Under Fire As Applicants Lament Inability To Check Status

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N-Power, the Nigerian Government empowerment scheme, ​has come under criticisms by applicants ​seeking to ​​know​ their pre-selection status.

N-Power had explained how applicants can check their status.

​But no one was able to access the page on the N-Power website as ​at 1:00am ​Tuesday despite assurances that it would be uploaded at11:30pm Monday.

Applicants are expressing their anger at the situation, while lamenting inability to get the information that kept them awake.

Meanwhile, the programme has released its call centre lines.

Some reactions below…

Nigeria and their way of doing things. You announced since couple of days ago that this list is going to be online this night. Why not upload the list since then and just make it live this night. I tire oo​.

No where to check status on the website.

Una site don crash already this night.​ ​Am off to bed.​ ​Will check some other time.

The pre-selection list is not on the website, I will advice the handler to check the website and snapshot where to locate the pre-select icon the page. Please, no sleep tonight until I find my name on list

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Finding it difficult to access the check status. I followed the procedures yet it’s isn’t displaying. How do I do, pls?

How can n​-​power be joking with Nigerians like this? This is very bad.

I can’t see pre-selection status to click on the site​.​

Better send emails to successful applicants.

@npower will cost thousands of their sleep tonight over what isn’t ready yet.

This rubbish cos ​you​ guys can be fooling us and I think you guys are not fully prepared.

What a country!!!

Are you sure these guys are for real or we dealing with bunch of scammers?

Like seriously. No where to check for names.

I cannot see anything here o…Nawa o.

Am on your website and am just seeing Home, Test and no provision to log in.

Just call one of the numbers now it says ‘our call time is between 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday’ the and that was all…SMH..​.​chai.

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I asked you guys earlier. Will the site be able to carry the traffic? Now it took only 5 minutes to crash.

My brother, it seems the whole @npower_ng stuff for this year is a SCAM. They have already shared the slots to politicians as was widely speculated and they come here to deceive us and waste our time for nothing.​ ​I am off to bed. Very sad experience.

No be Naija we dey again? I would have been very surprised if everything worked very fine as anticipated 2nite. We are never prepared. No where to check name, site crashed already.

@npower_ng una don sleep? No tweet again? After all the bragging…Oshi​.​

Have anybody seen the pre-selection button on the website?

Please I can’t find the preselection link on the n-power portal​; it’s is having DNS issue please look into it.​

This is what kills us in this country. We are not properly ready for something yet we undertake it. Common pre-selection bar abi status I can’t​ find​. That was how I got my National ID after 4 years.

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I am suggesting you put up the link the redirect it to a message tell applicants something to reduce anxiety…information is power

If you guys are having technical difficulties with this status bar strategy why not paste the whole names according to department. With that we will all know our fate and cause you less traffic.

Next time plz don’t give time or Brag about exactly when stuffs like this will happen. No such thing like a bar for pre selection on ur site now​.​

No where to check, lines are busy and even retired Pastor Yemi @ProfOsinbajo tweeted about this crab to make poor Nigerians sleepless, what a shame!

The link to check successful applicant name hasn’t been uploaded​.​

Please is checking of shortlisted candidates p​ost​poned?

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