“Money Is More Important Than Talent In The Music Industry” – Niniola

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Nigerian singer, Niniola, in an interview, the music industry is beyond the facade that talent alone can guarantee a successful career.

According to her, money is more important than talent in the music industry.

In a chat with Factory78, the singer said thriving in the music industry requires money more than talent and that upcoming acts need to invest in their career.

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She said;

“In 2013 I went for a competition and I became the third runner-up and I got my prize money. With the prize money I invested in my career. I sought out one of the best producer Sarz and told him I wanted a hit song and that’s when I met my manager.

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“When you’re not in the music industry on the outside, you think talent would take you places but it’s not.

My manager told me ‘you need funds to promote and print CD jackets’.

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“It’s a very capital intensive industry and so as an upcoming artiste you have to leave everything aside and invest in your career because at the end of the day it’s for you and you reap what you have sowed,”

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