Kim Kardashian’s New Perfume Line Brings In $10M After One Day Of Sales

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Kim Kardashian made herself a fortune in one 24-hour span.

The Kardashian brand name is one that carries an immense amount of popularity around the world. Despite the haters who say that they’re operating in a world of fame and fortune without possessing a discernible talent, others argue that their mastery of self-promotion and building a moneymaking empire seemingly out of thin air is the talent in and of itself. Now, we’re seeing even more proof of that, with Kim Kardashian’s new perfume line grossing a sizable fortune after being on the market for just one day.

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According to a new report from TMZ, Kim’s fragrance hit the world of online shopping on Wednesday (November 15th) and, in spite of the fact that no customers have been able to get even a small whiff of what the line has to offer, the revenue that was grossed in the first 24 hours seems unimaginable. The reality star’s perfume brought in a supposed $10 million in its first day of sales alone, giving industry competition a new force to be reckoned with. In fact, the revenue stream hit $1 million in the first hour alone. The report states that customers are able to choose between three different fragrances: Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus. However, there were only 300,000 bottles produced before the launch and, if you’re looking to cop yourself one, do it fast, as they’re expected to completely sell out by later tonight.

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The extra cash should come in handy for more than just a world-breaking shopping spree, as Kim Kardashian remains the only sister in the family that Blac Chyna has kept on her lawsuit. Chyna is claiming that the Kardashians used their power and influence over the E! Network to cancel the reality show that she and Rob had going while they were still together. Apparently, she’s missing those paychecks and not willing to go quietly. There’s been no solid reason given as to why Kim was the only sister of the bunch to be left on the suit, but chances are it’s because she’s the biggest name out of them all and, in Chyna’s mind, going big or going home might be the strategy at hand.

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