“I Admire Bobrisky” – Actress Victoria Inyama

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Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama, in a new interview with The Sun, has opened up on her life, career and her take on H0m0sexuality.

The actress who also recently revealed she has been battling with Cancer for a while now, talked about Bobrisky and her admiration for him.

Read her interview below;

Generally, how has 2017 been for you?

Well, so far, I am so grateful to God regardless of anything and everything.

Talking movies, what is happening with you?

I still act in movies every now and then. It is my passion and though I may not be a full time actress, I will try whenever I get a good script.

What are you missing out on?

To be honest, I have not missed out on anything; we grow and evolve.

How are you coping as a Nigerian actress in the Diaspora?

Nigerian actress in the Diaspora? Well, I am doing just fine. We do as much as we can to remain in the industry (laughter).

Can you compare making of movies in the UK with Nigeria?

Wow! In terms of making movies over here, I can’t really compare. I was on a production set many years ago in Nigeria and I do know that there has been tremendous improvement now. However, here in the UK, Nollywood is still crawling. We have the technology and maybe to an extent, technical know- how, but due to time and financial investment constraints, we are limited to an extent.

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What do you miss most about Nigeria?

What I miss most about Nigeria? I can’t think of anything I miss, to be honest. I still enjoy my life to the fullest in the UK.

Do you still find your favourite Nigerian dishes to eat over there?

Of course! I still eat my traditional dishes. I cook them and ensure my children know and eat them.

Are there chances you would come down to Nigeria to make movies any time soon?

Whenever time and chance permit, I will come to Nigeria for filming. I don’t have a production company for now.

How have you been coping with motherhood?

I have been enjoying motherhood, it is my best role. I cannot trade it for anything else in the world.

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What’s your take on domestic violence?

Domestic violence is quite complicated. For a man or woman, it is not a good experience.

What would you advise any of your colleagues facing the issue?

There’s no point advising anyone going through domestic violence. It is not as easy to get out of as most people think. A victim would need a lot of support. Our society, based on culture and gender inequality, hardly frowns at it and has not set down strict rules to protect victims; it is so painful.

What has ben the most memorable time of your marriage?

Giving birth to my three children has been the most memorable times.

Will you allow any of your children take up acting as career?

I would gladly support any of my children’s decision to take up acting or entertainment.

Any fond memories of your growing up days?

Fond memories of my growing up days are with my late grandmother. She taught me so much. Unfortunately, she taught me how to be an open and honest person. I say unfortunate, because the people in my generation are not as good as the people in her generation, so my openness and being nice are most times misunderstood for stupidity. Most people take advantage of this, but hard as I try, I can’t change.

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What do you have to say to young up-and-coming actors?

To young upcoming actors and actresses, my only advice is to stay grounded and humble because pride always goes before a fall.

What is your say on this H0m0sexuality trend?

My say on the H0m0sexuality trend is that everyone has the right to live their lives the way they deem fit and suitable as long as they don’t harm anyone. As a psychology student, I simply cannot judge anyone by whatever choices they make. Respect in diversity so we can all live in peace.

If you have a chance to talk to Bobrisky one on one, what will you tell him?

In Bobrisky I see a very tough person who can’t be bothered on how you feel about him. I admire his guts. He has chosen his path and is living it.

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