Father Pre-Ordered Flowers For His Daughter’s Birthday Before Dying From Cancer

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A man has moved people to tears around the world after the heartwarming tale of the relationship between himself and his daughter emerged.

The incredible gesture one man made for his daughter before he passed away, has moved people on social media.

The story of what happened was shared the man’s daughter, Bailey Seller.

When Bailey Seller’s father knew he was dying of cancer, he went to a florist and pre-paid for a bunch of flowers to be delivered to her each birthday.

On her 21st birthday Bailey, from Tennessee, U.S.A., posted a picture of the stunning bouquet along with a heart felt message.

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She wrote: “My dad passed away when I was 16 from cancer and before he died he pre payed flowers so i could receive them every year on my birthday.

“Well this is my 21st birthday flowers and the last. Miss you so much daddy.”

Along with the flowers she posted a sweet picture of herself sitting on her dad’s shoulders and a photo of the final card she received on her 21st birthday.

It read: “Bailey, this is my last love letter to you until we meet again.

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“I do not want you to shed another tear for me my baby girl, for I am in a better place.

“You are and will always be the most precious jewel I was given.

“It is your 21st birthday and I want you to always respect your momma and stay true to yourself.

“Be happy and live life to the fullest.

“I will still be with you through every milestone, just look around and there I will be.

“I love you boo boo and happy birthday!!!!! Daddy”

The emotional post attracted a huge amount of attention on Twitter with 250,000 likes and more than 60 thousand retweets.

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One person responded: “This is the DEFINITION of a real man and father, thinking less of themselves and more of showing love even when time doesn’t allow it.

“I can only hope to have a man in my life like this [heart] warms my heart to see this.”

While another said: “Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t do something. If you can go through this, you can do anything.

“I don’t even know you and I know you’re an immensely strong woman. Keep looking up You’re unstoppable!!”

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