“Daddy Freeze Is Possessed And Tormented By 52 Destiny Destroying Demons” – Popular Pastor Claims

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Pastor Humble Okoro has just challenged Daddy Freeze to a spiritual contest at the National Stadium, Abuja he took to his social media page to share the news.

He shared the photo above on his Instagram page and wrote;

@pastorokorohumble: YOUR SHAME WILL BE BIGGER THAN YOUR FAME…Pastor Humble Okoro warns Daddy freeze

Trouble looms for the controversial on air personality (Daddy Freeze) as a known Niger Delta base clergy draws a power challenge event with him. In an already online trending invite, the clergy man states that , “this is not a debate, but a power clash meeting that will prove to Nigerians how Daddy freeze is demonized which will herald to his ostracism.

Last April, I confirmed and certified him being possessed and tormented by 52 destiny destroying demons”.

Our investigation has proven that this is not the first time Pastor Humble Okoro has put up a spiritual challenge with Daddy freeze which the later never showed up.

When the formal was asked of his expectation as regards to the honouring of his invitation by Daddy freeze, he stated ” you would remember this is not the first time I had sort to deliver Daddy freeze through this medium of challenge, but regrettably, he evicted.

As I am speaking now, our workers are on plans to reach the relevant authorities as regards to having the event hosted in National Stadium Abuja, if only Freeze will pick a date. But if I am allowed to choose, December 25th serves a better date” Pastor Humble Okoro stated.

This poses a great moment in the duo lives as many Nigerians and online viewers would want to enjoy this special Xmas [email protected]

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