British aid worker shot dead in Nigeria after singing ‘Amazing Grace’

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57-year old British optician, Ian Squire,who was kidnapped in Nigeria, according o his fellow hostages was shot dead after playing “Amazing Grace” on his acoustic guitar.

Christian charity workers David and Shirley Donovan, describe Squire’s final moments to Telegraph UK. They were all abducted from their accommodation in Delta State in the early hours of October 13.

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He told the Telegraph:

“It was the perfect song, and at that point things began to look not quite as bad. But then, after Ian finished playing, he stood up, and a salvo of gunshots killed him instantly. .

We didn’t see who did it, but it was obvious that someone in the gang had shot him. It was terrifying to see. We jumped out of the shack and into the water as we thought they were coming for us next, but a member of the gang came and put us back in there with Ian for the rest of the day.”

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They were freed after the kidnappers told them a ransom had been paid, and were met by two SUVs, with Mr Donovan saying the smell of the leather and the air conditioning “was like stepping from one world into another”.

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