13 Attitudes To Get Rid Of For A Healthy And Happy Love Relationship

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    13 Attitudes to get rid of for a healthy and happy love relationship

    Is your relationship suffering and lacking peace and love? are you wondering what may be the cause? check to see where you err and follow the helpful instructions to get rid of frustration, suffering, and pain for a happy and successful love relationship.

    First things first, you must first be sure if your relationship is worth fighting for. if it is, then following these helpful tips is all you will need.

    1. Jealousy

    Jealousy is a feeling of envy. You can only be jealous of something you wish to have and that is because you don’t already have it. Everyone has the tendency to be jealous, but how you control jealousy is all that matters because it is capable of building or destroying you. You don’t have to be a green-eyed monster in your relationship, it can only destroy your happiness and that of your relationship. There are many ways of handling such an issue in a relationship and here is one; for the sake of peace which is a major driving force in every successful relationship, do take a deep breath once you that awful feeling comes knocking at the door of your sweet and peaceful heart. Do take a deep breath, ease out the toxic feeling(s), remind yourself of how awesome you are, then communicate peacefully with your spouse, it will really help.

    2. Secrets

    You should avoid keeping secrets from your spouse, for your spouse is a great part of you. Your spouse should understand you from the words on your lips to the deepest part of your thoughts. If your partner finds it difficult to understand you, make him or her understand you, keep trying no matter how long it will take, for it is possible to accomplish this.

    3. Pride

    Pride is a feeling of self-respect and personal worth. We personally encourage self-love and respect though, but this should not confuse you right now. In a relationship, there are some of your rules you must bend or eliminate completely. Your relationship with your dear one should not suffer so much for your pride. Pride absolutely comes before a fall. If you truly love your spouse, you should effortlessly see him or her as yourself, as your spouse is a great part of you.

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    4. Nagging

    Don’t nag in your relationship, it will only frustrate you. You don’t have to worry so much about anything, you will only succeed in destroying your peace of mind and happiness and that of your lover. Nagging drives the whole relationship to the mud, it is not necessary. Yes! It happens and most times very difficult to be controlled, this is why you must cultivate the habit of deep-breathing and self-appraisal, where you remind yourself always that you are awesome and beautiful and should not be associated with anger and grief.

    5. Laziness

    Maintaining a healthy and happy relationship requires consistency in hard work. Don’t say he’s mine or she’s mine already, you have to keep…. keeping up on those things that got him attracted to you in the first place and vice-versa. It is your responsibility to chat him or her up in the morning, at noon, and before bedtime, for he is a part of you, and she is your jewel. A lazy mind creates room for negative thinking.

    Don’t be lazy to do those sit-ups and squats every morning to burn your belly fat and firm your B.utt (for the ladies). The feeling of gorgeousness should be your priority at least for yourself. Don’t be lazy to make the meal he likes; don’t be lazy to get your hair cleaned up at least once a week; don’t ever be lazy to improve yourself in areas you find yourself deficient.

    6. Stinginess

    Learn the art of giving. Don’t always expect from your lover, always think of what he/she needs, and what he/she will be happy to have. Surprise your partner with a wrapped gift, it brings joy to the heart.

    7. Bad influence

    Don’t ever mess with the power of “influence” especially “negative influence” everyone above the age of 15, has the ability to differentiate good from bad. You at this point can tell the impact and consequences of some actions. Now, when you see those negative attitude(s) in a person, you can definitely tell. Some people have the ability to filter the good attitudes from a negative and socially unacceptable fellow but if you know you cant, don’t mess with it, let it go because such influence will only destroy you and your relationships. Remember, do not gamble with the power of negative influence.

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    8. Negativity

    Negative thoughts beget negative actions. What you think in your heart is exactly what your world gives back to you and in turn, find yourself into. How about, thinking of yourself as a priceless and flawless princess that no man will ever want to hurt. You might at this point think this is bullshit but I want you to be careful with thinking that your man has so many other girls out there that are apart from you. This feeling will consume your happiness and worth, you somehow begin to see every girl around him as his other lover, this makes you unnecessarily angry, anxious and a nagging woman. When you put up these attitudes as a result of negative thinking, you make your spouse uncomfortable and you put him or her in an urgent quest for peace, love, care, and affection that he/she cant get from you at the moment. Somehow, what you spent so much time building up in your negative imagination, becomes a reality, an awful reality.

    9. Self-condemnation

    When you condemn yourself, you kill your strength and ability by yourself. You are different from everybody else, there is a reason you are you, and they are they. This ultimately brings us to “focus” focus on yourself, love yourself, be happy with yourself, only then will you be able to build and develop yourself. The secret here is, self-love and respect attract love and respect from everybody in your life and in your world.

    10. Greed

    It is an insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins.) greediness is exactly what makes a lover go astray in a love relationship. You have something(s) in your spouse but you are not just satisfied with it, you want more, therefore you seek for more. Maybe a male friend of your lavishes material wealth on his woman and yours don’t, maybe because he cant afford it or probably he is just too stingy to do what your friend is known for. You should define your relationship from the beginning, only then will you be sure of what you want and will get from your relationship.

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    11. Selfishness

    Don’t be selfish with your lover, respect the feelings of your partner. There is a reason he or she nags. Look beyond the angry face and hurtful words, seek only to understand why your lover is unhappy and uncomfortable. He or she might be seeking more attention or reassurance of love and faithfulness but just don’t know how to state it. It is your responsibility to search through those hot displays of unsatisfaction, and carefully pick and pluck out the real fault. Don’t let those moments frustrate you, don’t be lazy to find out what the real problem is and don’t be fed up until the problem is solved.

    12. Unforgiveness

    Learn to forgive your spouse when he/she offends you. Try as much as possible to forgive and forget. It is never alright to bring up issues of the past to tackle the present problem. Let the past remain in the past. Never let issues remain unresolved for too long, it will only destroy the peace and love in your relationship.

    13. Lack of trust

    learn to trust your spouse, it boosts confidence and encourages love and faithfulness in a relationship. don’t ever judge and compare your present relationship to that of your past. always keep in mind that you are dealing with a new person, study carefully to understand your lover and don’t frustrate the peace of the relationship by comparing your ex-lover to your new lover.


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