We Want Oduduwa Republic Or Organized Violence – Activist, Grandson

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UK-based activist and leader of the separate group, Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF), Adeyinka Grandson, has vowed that Nigeria will witness heavy bloodbath if Oduduwa Republic is not actualized.

Adeyinka had once threatened that his group would attack Northern Nigeria with both biological and chemical weapons if the federal government attempts to silence agitators for Oduduwa Republic.

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He said the region was no longer interested in restructuring but total control of lives and properties and every noble Yoruba indigene.

He said, “As the most intelligent ethnic group out of black Africa, if we are attacked like stated in the declaration, the consequences will be grievously severe.

“We have enough respect from Yoruba citizens to protect our borders. We have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilisation with organised violence in the face of outright violence from the Hausa/Fulani and the Federal Government of Nigeria.”

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He added, “We call on young Yoruba to remove and replace the name ‘the Nigeria Stock Exchange’ and revert it back to its original name, ‘the Lagos Stock Exchange.’ We exhort the young Yoruba to remove and replace the ‘Murtala Muhammed International Airport’ back to its original name, ‘Lagos International Airport.’

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“We bid on young Yoruba to go to Apapa Wharf and Tin Can Port Complex and take it over from the Hausa/Fulani and the Federal Government of Nigeria.”

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