Makarfi Reveals How PDP Will Recapture Power From Buhari In 2019

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The Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Caretaker Committee, Ahmed Makarfi, has disclosed how the party will recapture power in 2019.

Makarfi said PDP will capture power once it was able to reconcile its aggrieved members, recruit news ones and build a vast war chest.

The former Kaduna State governor made the disclosure while receiving members of the Forum of Former Presiding Officers of State Houses of Assembly and the PDP Women’s Forum at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja on Wednesday.

He has also assured that the party would play a credible opposition role devoid of hate speeches from now till the next election.

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Makarfi noted that the party has a lot of work to do in reconciling its members.

He said the pursuit for reconciliation was not just with those who where involved in the leadership crisis that engulfed the party but also those that had left the party.

Makarfi said: “It’s a work in progress. This is the time to join hands and build the party, to reconcile. Reconciling with members is not limited to those we went to court with us of recent.

“Since PDP was formed, a number of members have left, some are doing ‘siddon look and not active’. We need to make every effort to reconcile with them so that we revive the party and reinvigorate it.

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“Beyond reconciling with all members of PDP, we need to do membership drive and bring in more members.

“So, it requires a lot of efforts and sacrifice on our part. It requires accommodation.

“Accommodation does not mean surrendering a hundred per cent what you have. If somebody cannot be accommodated, you have no reason to say he is reconciling.

“And if we can’t reconcile and be stronger, we can as well forget about getting back to government.

“The more the merrier. It’s when you build a big war chest that you can have a good chance of winning any battle.

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“We’ve gone through a long avoidable hard struggle. It was not a struggle over PDP leadership. It was a struggle for democracy.

“It was a landmark judgement that touches on every political party you can think of. It’s a landmark judgment that has stabilized the polity.

“We know there is hunger, we know that there are difficulties, all kinds of problems in the country. But as soon as this judgment came, it seemed to have brought down tempers.

“Why tempers have gone down is that people have seen the alternative they have been waiting for.”

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