Zoning Is Retrogressive And Undemocratic – Abdulfatai Buhari

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The idea of zoning political positions to particular areas in the country has been described as backward and out of tune with modern political trends all over the world.
The Senator representing the Oyo North Senatorial District, Senator Abdul-Fatai Buhari, made these assertions in Ibadan, Oyo State capital on Monday while speaking with some select journalists on issues concerning the latest political developments in the state and country.
He is of the opinion that rather than zoning offices to certain areas, the people should be allowed to pick their representatives based on their track records and ability to deliver to them the dividends of democracy.
Senator Buhari, who is regarded as one of the leading candidates for the 2019 Oyo State Governorship election, added that picking people for political officers based on a rotational policy has been drawing the country back for years and that only those who have demonstrated leadership qualities and have shown that they can perform should be voted into power.
His words: “Zoning is retrogressive and undemocratic. People should be voted into offices based on their ability to manage resources to the benefit of the people and the contents of their character and not on where they come from. Just like the Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu always say, “Power is not served a-la carte.”

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“People are aware now, they want to know what you have to offer that other people have not been able to offer before. What is the new thing that you are bringing to the table? And if you just come and start blabbing, everybody will know that you are not prepared for office.
“But when you are able to articulate your policies, which will benefit them and put food on the table for their families, definitely, they will show interest in you, provided you have the track record to back these words up.
“In my own personal opinion, when it comes to aspiring to be a governor or a president, I have been looking for a day when Nigerians will elect their leaders based on merit and not where you come from and I want a situation like I always said will be based on who do we really need.
“Zoning shouldn’t be part of our political leanings. The advocates are just deceiving us. If a particular party decides to zone certain office to a particular area, it does not mean other parties should tow that line. We can do what is called negotiation among the party hierarchy. it’s not an emotional thing, it’s not a sympathy thing, we are not running one party system or even a two party system.
“With due respect to my colleagues from the North, in the past, some people believe that the presidency is their birthright, that assumption was wrong. If it was a coup and Yoruba or Igbo officers slept through it, no problem but when it comes to democracy, it can’t work.

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