‘Omit The Logic’ – Bovi Shares Important Tips For Success

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Writing via his Instagram account, popular comedian Bovi detailed why omitting the logic automatically helps in making entertainers successful.
He went on to say that one shouldn’t let the need to make sense hinder you from taking decisions that will help in future.

He wrote;

You love music but you can’t sing to save your life. Why don’t you own a record label? You woulda loved to be a footballer but you broke your leg. Why don’t you coach? Or own a club. You don’t have money to go to school.
Why don’t you find the books and read? You may not have the certificate, but you’ll have the knowledge. In the book, Rich Dad, Poor dad; the author explained to the rich dad that his dream was to graduate with high grades so he could get a good job and CLIMB UP THE LADDER over the years and eventually head the company.
The rich dad laughed and told the author to ask his poor dad that instead of climbing up the ladder, why not own the ladder that people are climbing? Sometimes in life, you have to omit the logic.
Yeah it’s easier said but guess what! It’s done! Don’t let your need to make sense block you from being bold.
If you don’t like where you are, omit the logic.”

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