He Comes Home Late, Bangs The Gate, Beats Me – Woman Tells Court

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A housewife has approached an Alakuko Customary Court in Lagos State, seeking the dissolution of her 10-year-old marriage following allegations of battery and infidelity.
The petitioner, Mrs. Morenikeji Ajakaiye, told the court that her husband, Sunday, was in in the habit of beating her at the slightest provocation.
She added further that her husband would go out and come back in the early hours of the following morning.
“He would start banging the gate and if I don’t open it early enough, he would beat me. I was reliably informed that he has another family somewhere in Ojokoro.
“I recently confronted him with this and he did not deny it. I have reported him to his family members and all his mother could say was that they are a polygamous family, and that I should endure and be submissive.

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“I don’t love him anymore as the beating is too much. Though he provides for our three children, I am no longer comfortable and at peace in my home,” she said, adding that she wanted custody of their three children.
The respondent, however, denied ever beating his wife. “She always grab; my shirt anytime I want to go out. She is always accusing me of infidelity. I don’t have another family somewhere and she knows this.
“I am not in support of divorce because I still love my wife. I am willing to change hoping that she would also change from the nagging woman she has become,” he said.
The court president, Mr. F.A Shonoiki, called for peace while asking the couple to bring two members of their family.
The case was adjourned till July 6.

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