Dammy Krane Speaks On Miami Arrest, Apologizes To Nigerians (Video)

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Dammy Krane has offered an apology to his friends, family and fans after his Miami arrest over some credit card theft/fraud.

Yesterday, the singer was released on bail and he made a video to address the theft saga which has left many Nigerians shocked and disappointed.

In the video, Dammy denies his involvement in the fraud allegations, blaming his misfortune on the agent who booked his flight with fraudulent credit cards.

“First of all I want to thank God and I want to use this medium to apologise to my family, my team and my fans,” said Dammy Krane at the beginning of the clip.

Speaking further he explained,

“You know I was arrested by the Miami PD for fraud. I do not do fraud and I do not partake in such activities its just happens to be that the agent just booked my flight with fraudulent cards. My life is all about my music and that is all I’m about.”

The singer apologized to his fans once again and showed his appreciation to his parents for their  “undying love.”

“I am sorry I got caught up in this mess. I assure all my fans it will never happen again.

” I want to thank everyone who stood by me in this period. May God continue to bless you and protect you all. Amin.

“And to my parents, I want to thank you for your undying love. Please keep supporting me. I have more music on the way. I promise I will make you proud. I love you so much. Thank you very much. Hold strong” Dammy Krane.

See video below

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