Welder Who Defiled & Impregnated Primary 6 Female Student Girl Blames The Devil

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It definitely looks like the rate at which adults defile minors in Nigeria is on a stready rise. A daredevil welder identified as Ugochukwu Oleka, has defiled and impregnated a 13-year-old girl in Aba, Abia State.
Oleka, who works in Azikiwe Asa in Aba, said he only had a carnal knowledge of the girl on one occasion, blamed the devil for his action.
Pleading for forgiveness for what he did, the suspect explained that he lost control of himself when the victim embraced him on the day she visited his house to run an errand for him.

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He said;

“I feel so bad for I what I did, the girl is the niece to my friend. We were living in the same compound before I parked to my current apartment.

“Later, my friend asked me to help him to look for a new apartment and I found one for him on my street. Since he parked to my street, we have been visiting each other and the girl has been running errands for me.
“Unfortunately, one day the girl came to my house and embraced me. That was how I started having feelings for her. The devil caused it.

“I know that I shouldn’t have done what I did; I had not done that kind of thing before, but the way she embraced me made me lose control of myself. I am pleading with everybody to forgive me.”

The suspect, who regretted that his wife left his house with his daughter because of the incident, vowed to take care of the victim until she puts to bed.
The victim, a Primary 6 pupil, however told Southern City News that the suspect had slept with her for more than seven times.
She said Oleka promised to be giving her money to buy biscuits and warned her not to disclose their affairs to anybody.

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