Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Writes On ‘The Many Potentials Of Anthony Joshua’

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Popular Nigerian Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce has decided to write an article on Nigerian British boxer, Anthony Joshua and the many potentials Nigeria can get from him. Read below:

Nigeria’s sports sector may have ignored Anthony Joshua but Nigerians did not and certainly I did not. Recall that Silverbird honored him at Man of the Year two years ago.
Today, we are all very proud of Anthony after his stunning defeat of Wladimir Klitschko.

The whole world is celebrating this young man with former world heavy weight champion, Mike Tyson saying Joshua “has changed boxing”.
Joshua may well be the most popular man in world sport for the next few months, but here is the thing, the world media are playing up Anthony Joshua as a British man.

Yes, Britain did a lot for him, and probably more than Nigeria did, but Nigeria must put all that behind and now embrace Joshua.

I had said that he should be congratulated by the government and invited to the Presidential Villa and made an ambassador for brand Nigeria and I thank God that two days after I made that call, the minister of information congratulated Joshua and said the federal government will invite him.

Irrespective of what happened in the past, as a nation we must reclaim Anthony Joshua and show him that we are proud of him and then promote him to the world as the epitome of Nigeria’s youth.

The federal government can arrange a global tour for Anthony Joshua and get Nollywood stars and our music stars to join him.

They should arrange for him to meet captains of industry such as Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Tony Elumelu and Jim Ovia.

This would spotlight Nigeria’s culture and economy to the world.

Believe it or not, by associating with this brilliant young man, Nigeria can improve her image much more than the billions to be spent on our embassies and high commissions worldwide.

If we as a nation refuse or neglect to embrace Joshua with eagerly open arms, the UK will not. They will celebrate him, project him and promote him and while they are doing that, Joshua will also celebrate the UK, project UK and promote UK.

The young man obviously thirsts for Nigeria and Africa. He even has a tattoo of Africa with Nigeria outlined on his right upper arm. The young man is passing on a subliminal message. He is still open to Nigeria despite the snub he got from our sport sector.

The young man has such a compelling story that we can use to sell him and Nigeria. From a bricklayer in London, he overcame an arrest for dealing cannabis, reinventing himself as an amateur boxer and he became an Olympic champion and now the heavy weight champion of the world. This is a story of the sheer Nigerian grit that has seen Nigerians rise to the top all over the world. With Joshua, we can show the world that there is much, much more to Nigeria than internet scams, corruption and terrorism.

In fact, Nigeria is even late in the game. We should have embraced Joshua as far back as 2012 after he won the Olympic Gold medal for Britain. The Queen of England even awarded him an MBE! Do you know what it takes to earn an MBE? But better late than never! We must begin to show him that east or west, home is best and home is Nigeria, the country tattooed on his right arm!

England wants Anthony Joshua but Nigeria needs him. Ironically, he does not need Nigeria so Nigeria must make him want us.
Nigerian must not underestimate the big difference a single individual can make. Today, sports contributes 2 per cent of Jamaica’s economy chiefly because of Usain Bolt. That is no mean achievement.

And Usain Bolt is not just affecting the Jamaican sports industry. Jamaica has witnessed a steady growth in tourist visitors with an increase of 8 per cent in one year alone. The over three million people visiting Jamaica are not just coming because of reggae music, they are coming because Jamaica is synonymous with Usain Bolt. And this is important to Jamaica because the demand for sugar, perhaps the mainstay of their economy, has been steadily decreasing worldwide. Does that sound familiar? Do I hear somebody say something about crude o

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