How To Correct The Differences Between Your JAMB And O level Result Names

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I have seen many students in this situation where the names Use in jamb is different from the one in o level result.

for instance.
A student may register ( john musa femi ) with jamb and the o level result might be ( john azeez olufemi ).
these error sometimes affect the Admission chances of a candidate if Care is not taken.

last week jamb open the corrections of error for only 12 hours, however many candidates are yet to resolve their contradicting names issue.
If you missed the jamb golden opportunity for correction of names, the only alternative you have now is to get an Affidavit.

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what is an affidavit ?

a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court.

An Affidavit is the legal way to swear that your statements are fact.

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with the definition provided above, you will agree with me that affidavit has the backing of court and it will be accepted as an evidence.

How do get an affidavit ?

getting an affidavit is very easy, follow the simple step below.

1) get the necessary document ( your jamb and o level result with the contradicting names .

2) get two passport photographs ( any color )

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3) proceed to any court closer to you.

4) you can meet a lawyer or anyone working the court for affidavit and you will be directed to the right channel.

5) reserve N1000 for affidavit and you can also pay less in some state.

The affidavit will contain a written statement that you are the bearer of names on the two results.

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