Ghanaian Actress Lydia Forson Speaks Against Domestic Violence

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A Twitter user while commenting on Mercy Aigbe’s martial woes stated that good women stay in their marriages and pray rather than exposing their issues

Curvaceous actress, Lydia Forson disagrees with this view and penned down a note advising women not to condone domestic violence. Read below.

This lady’s comment was against a a popular actress who’d come out to say her husband psychically abused her. Even with photo evidence of a very bloody face and fractured skull this person didn’t think it was enough reason for the actress to speak out against her husband and how he’d treated her. .
This right here is why many women die in their homes. And I blurred out her name because she’s also a victim and shaming her won’t change much. She’s a victim of societies idea of how marriage should be, how women should behave and how it should be preserved even at the risk of your life. She’s a victim of the idea that physical, mental, psychological abuse etc is a part of marriage that women have to go through as part of its ups and downs. She’s a victim of the CHURCH and how it has failed it’s women and even men by not acknowledging that ABUSE isn’t going to stop just because of prayer, that leaving a man doesn’t make God love you less.
You are a child of a KING (GOD )and should be treated as such; anyone who doesn’t isn’t from God and is not his will for your life.
Marriage is beautiful, and there is such a thing as a HAPPY marriage. Trust me there is, and if that’s what you want you’ve got to be patient enough to get it. You really need to have faith and trust God and his plans for your life. And if his plans don’t include marriage, you have to accept that as well and realize it doesn’t make you less HUMAN or unworthy, it just means you have a different role to play in his Kingdom. And even if you don’t believe in any of these things, believe this – Not everyone will marry, have children or live for 100 years old, that’s just the reality of life.”

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