Caroline Danjuma Mourns South African Lady And Slams Side Chicks

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The actress who is known for tackling her hubby’s side pieces on social media is using the death of the South African lady that was killed and burnt by her boyfriend to address home breakers.

In a post she said it hypocritical how mistresses and side chick who cause husbands to beat their wife are mourning Karabo Mokoena’s death. Please read her post below.

“Funny how this poor girls picture is making every one anti domestic violence supporter . Including mistresses n side chicks that brought turbulence to relationships and marriages causing the men to beat their gf’s and wives …if u are so touched stay away from people’s relationship .. ☕️️☕️️☕️️. RIP Kay”

Wow! Abegy this sugar baby should leave Karabo rest in peace and stop using her to address personal issues..You married an old man with a wife and you always whining about side chicks. Infact she was a side chick and she’s now a side wife

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