Four (4) Wedding Day Issues That Could Signal A Potential Divorce Later

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    Wedding days are usually joyful events, an example of the kind of happiness that the couple would enjoy forever.

    At least, that’s the hope of the couple, their family, and their friends.

    Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned or hoped. Marriages are not always full of happiness and fanfare as the wedding day, and they don’t always last forever.

    And sometimes, if you pay close attention at the wedding ceremony, you’d get an idea of which marriage will last in happiness, and the ones that are doomed from the onset.

    According to Tiffany Wright, a wedding expert, here are four ways to decide this:

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    1. Handling pressure

    Wedding planning is always stressful, but the way a couple deal with this stress says something, if little, about what could happen in their marriage.

    Tiffany says “Sometimes I see couples really collapse under the pressure. [and this could tell on the way they handle issues that come their way when they get married]”

    2. Being apart a lot on the big day

    The expert says, “It’s the simple, intimate gestures like a kiss on the head when they think no one is looking, or the desire to hold hands all the time that shows there is a real connection.”

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    So if a couple choose to spend a lot of time with their bridesmaids and groomsmen instead, it could be because there’s trouble in paradise and such marriage is surely not being built to last.

    3. When he leaves out his bride in his speech

    This happens a lot more often than one would imagine, according to Tiffany.

    The 34-year old wedding specialist says she’s even seen some extreme cases where the groom spoke about how gorgeous the bridesmaids look, but forgot to mention his new wife at all.

    Speaking to Net Mums, she adds, “If your groom mentions yours (or even worse HIS!) ex during the speech, it suggests there may be underlying issues or jealousy that hasn’t been dealt with.”

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    4. Unsupportive family

    Another way to gauge whether a marriage has the potential of breaking apart is to check the body language and warmth of communication between the families at the ceremony.

    This could show if a particular family or parent do not really approve of the marriage, and this has proven, in many cases, to have an effect on the happiness and longevity of the marriage.


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