Check Out 7 Scopes Naija Gurls Will Give You If They Don’t Want to give you Their Phone Numbe

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    Nigerian men and ‘Please can I get your number?’

    I’m pretty sure that, somewhere in Nigeria, a girl is desperately trying to avoid giving out her number to a Nigerian dude. Nigerian men can be pretty persistent and annoying when they try to toast you.

    Here are some scopes that Nigerian women use regularly to avoid giving out their phone numbers.


    1. The ‘I have a boyfriend scope’

    Sometimes, when men are bugging a lady for her number, the ladies throw the ‘I have a boyfriend‘ line. This does not really work well sha, because they lie that they just want to be friends.

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    2. The ‘Give me your number, I’ll call you’ scope

    The ladies pretend they don’t know their phone number offhand, collect the man’s number and promise to call back. They never call back.

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    3. The ‘ I just lost my phone scope’

    This one is a classic. The ladies pretend like they don’t have a phone currently. It’s either they’ve lost it or it just got stolen.


    4. The fake number scope

    They make up a number on the spot and run away before the guy can call them to confirm the number.


    5. The block scope

    Some ladies will give out their original number, then block the man’s number from calling their line.

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    6. The boyfriend/male friend’s number scope

    This one is really hilarious. The ladies will give you their boyfriend or male friend’s number instead of their actual number and have you stammering when you call the number they give you.


    7. The brutal scope

    This is not really a scope because they say no straight up.


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