Alicia Keys bags Amnesty International Award

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According to reports Amnesty International gave its annual Ambassador of Conscience award to U.S. singer-songwriter Alicia Keys on Thursday. This award recognises her long-term campaigning on criminal justice reform, HIV and AIDS, gun violence and the global refugee crisis.

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Amnesty International’s Secretary-General, Salil Shetty said in a statement that Keys was chosen because she has

“inspired and campaigned for change on critical issues throughout her illustrious career.’’

Reacting, Keys said the award was

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“one of the most proud moments of my life.’’She said she was “driven to recognise the injustice in the world and recognise the unfairness the inequality, the things that have to change, the ways that we as everyday people, all of us, have a part to play in that.’’

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“It encourages me to continue to speak out against injustice and use my platform to draw attention to the issues that matter to me.”

Congrats Alicia

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