WAEC 2017/2018 Agricultural Science Practical Specimen

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*Agricultural Science Specimens*

A: sandy soil
B: loamy soil
C: clayey soil
D: granite
E: NPK 15 : 15 (labelled)
F: wood ash (unsieved)
G: limestone (labelled)
H: cow dung
I: wheelbarraw
J; file
K: palm oil
L: cotton lint
M: liverfluke
N: tick
O: feather
P: apid (live/preserved,diagram,photograph)
Q: cowpea seeds
R: coconut fruit
S: tridax
T: chicken
U: tilapia fish


  1. Am greatful of this answer practical.may god grand u more wisdom? pls what about eassay and obj Reply

    Janet eden

  2. I’m grateful with this answers may God continue to increase you. Please what about essay and objective

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