Uche Maduagwu Sets The Record Straight On Oge Okoye Puppy Pic Drama

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Uche Maduagwu claims he just got off the phone with Oge Okoye and she explained why she used those puppy pics..

According to him,someone who was about to sell stolen dogs to her sent the pic of those puppies to her.

The actor also blasted US reality star, Kenya Moore..I hope just like Tonto Dikeh did,Oge won’t deny knowing him.. He wrote;

Let me set the record straight here, just got off phone with her now, it was a mix up, this legend here is not a thief… Apparently, someone was about to sell stolen dogs to our darling actress so she used the pics on her platform. Mistakes can happen any day and anytime, but I am shocked at how some Nigerians are so quick to washing their dirty linen in public and rejecting their very own, if this nollywood actress were to be an American celebrity, am very sure Americans would had defended her so well, shame on you all, shame! The same Ex-beauty queen and reality Television star was the girl that was forcing herself shamelessly on our very own “koko master” some time ago, until she was disgraced by him, now she has the effrontery to accusing our very own nollywood Star wrongly, some Americans celebrity apparently are more dumb that I thought. And you call yourself a black woman? yet, you are accusing another black woman like you wrongly… Whatever happened to black women supporting each other? Now I see why all your Ex left you stranded, because you lie a lot. shame on you. This fantastic Nollywood actress is a dear friend and colleague, please lets support our own. I know some imbeciles will not agree with me on this, but who cares? “Na you na get u na dirty mouth”

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