Paul Of Psquare Comes For People Who Abuse Those That Render Help Publicly

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Paul Okoye of  the singing duo Psquare went on an Instagram about helping and assisting the poor publicly.

The singer took to Instagram to share his opinion and stand about the ideology of giving alms and help in a society that judge people.

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According to Paul, nothing you do can make people happy whether you give help publicly or you do so privately.

See what he wrote below:

‘You help someone today, they call you show off …. you help in silence, they call you stingy,…#onlyinnaija …to an extent even when people need serious help, going public seeking for help or trying to raise fund, u will still hear some people saying “must they go public ” mehhnnn ….. I taya!!! …. yes I know some will say ur reward is in heaven …but then must you kill and discourage while we re on earth!! Am sure as am typing these words now, some English teachers are cheking my grammar  that’s the life we live in… have a great week all  #idontcarewhatyouthink‘

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