Osas Used To Drop Me at My Girlfriend’s House – Gbenro Ajibade

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Actor Gbenro Ajibade in an interview has revealed that his now wife, Osas Ighodaro used to drop him at his girlfriend’s house before they started dating. He also told Saturday Beats that he didn’t marry her because of Green Card.
“Right now, I have a bone to crack with her family because they think I am intentionally refusing to do my green card. I have not done it even now. It is funny how people think. I and Osas had been legally married in a court in the US two years even before the public knew we were going out. If I had wanted green card, I would have done it since but I felt it would be a distraction. I didn’t marry her because of that,” he said.

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Talking about how he ended up marrying Osas, Gbenro said it was never his intention to get married let alone marrying a beauty queen.

“I was one of such persons who swore never to get married. I had an impression about marriage and love. It wasn’t up until I met the right person that the perception changed. Osas was my friend. The first time she came into the country, she even used to drop me off at my girlfriend’s house. We were that close up until the time we became really close. We had mutual interest and she had my back. Then, I had faced so many injuries from back stabbing and snitches. Our friendship is what has been keeping us going.”

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Also known for his trademark dreadlock, it came as a shock to not just a few when the actor chopped off his locks for a cleaner shave and cut.

Giving reasons for his action, Gbenro said, “I know a lot of people said a lot of things about my hair. I wore dreadlocks for over 13 years. It got to a stage that I was bored and I wanted to change my looks. There were certain roles I couldn’t play as an actor and even as a model, there were some certain jobs I couldn’t take. I started going out with Osas and she loved the hair. I told her I wanted to cut the hair; she refused even after I had begged her. But when I was about to get married, I felt I needed a fresh and new beginning. I woke up as early as 2am and I cut it off. I do miss my dreadlocks and I know I would get back to it one day.”

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