OAP Freeze Reacts To Video Cam Pictures Released By Stephanie Otobo

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Freeze who is very critical of pastors is having the time of his life with the cex scandal surrounding Apostle Suleiman.

After taking time out to respond to the scandalous report yesterday, he has something to say about the pictorial evidence released by Miss Otobo. As usual the reaction is sarcastic and questions the credibility of the man of God. Read what he posted below.

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“This lady must definitely be the Queen of photoshop!

See how she photoshopped his picture, photoshopped that sweet totori smile onto his face, photoshopped the earphones into his ears, photoshopped her mammary glands into the picture, along with the sweet seductive smile on her face and even photoshopped you that are looking at the picture!
This indeed, is talent!? ~FRZ

#FreeTheSheeple sorry, I meant #FreeTheNipple”

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