My Husband Abandoned Me For An Evangelist – Woman Tells Court

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A housewife and mother of four, Kafayat Moses, on Wednesday, asked the Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve her 15-year-old marriage to Moses Odeyemi over abandonment.
Kafayat informed the court that her husband, though a Pastor, had abandoned her for another woman, thereby, denying her all the rights of a wife.
“Things were going on smoothly between us until 2014 when Moses suddenly came to introduce to me a woman evangelist whom he said was a perfect spiritual worker with him.
“Exactly two months after her arrival in our home, our good relationship started collapsing.
“I discovered that Moses started leaving home every five A.M and doesn’t return until around 11 P.M. every day in the company of that woman.
“Hunger and suffering affected the children and me.
“Whenever I put calls through to him that there was nothing for us to eat, Moses took offense and when he returns home, he subjects the children and I to battery, complaining that we were disturbing him.
“He had earlier asked me to stop the only business that was bringing me money to learn working as a midwife and I obeyed him.

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“Ever since I learnt midwifery, there have been nothing because no customer came.
“Moses has quietly married the woman evangelist somewhere, thereby, exposing the four children and I to trauma, hunger, emotional and psychological difficulties,” she told the court.
In his response, Moses agreed to divorce Kafayat but asked the court to grant him custody of the four children.
The respondent who was silent on the allegation of abandoning his wife for another woman.
“My lord, Kafayat is a devil in human skin as she has been working for the downfall of my church.
“Ever since I got married to her, she has been tearing all members of my church apart as well as my relatives.
“Kafayat doesn’t want my parents and relatives to come close to me as she keeps nagging,” Moses stated.
The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, asked Kafayat to produce the four children in court and adjourned the case to May 2, for judgment.
While Kafayat resides at Olomi area, Moses resides at Muslim area of Ibadan.

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