#BBNaija: TTT Talks On The Deal With His Wife, Why He Like Nominating Efe And Who He Wants To Win

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    The latest evictee in the Big Brother Nigeria’s show, TTTR addressed some questions from his fans.

    He talks on making a decision with his wife not to bring his family into the show, revealing reasons why he likes nominating Efe.

    On the ultimate prize winner, he said he wants a Lady to win the N25m price.

    In a video posted on AfricaMagic/DSTV website he addressed burning controversies that have trailed him.

    On his unrevealed marital status, Zinny asked “Why didn’t you reveal that you were married?”

    “To Zinny, First Things First, I made a decision, myself and my wife not to bring my family involved in this. That is one thing, I respect my wife, I respect the decisions and I don’t want to go one step behind. I don’t want to say like there was some kind of feelings.. No, no no.. I keep it the way it is. If I have a contract with you Zinny. I keep it that way.”

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    Cynthia Beatrice asked: “Why did you like nominating Efe?”

    “To Cynthia, Let me play out to you. We are friends, but we are not friends.. We are out to win or rather we are out to make a statement. So, If I feel at some point I feel we are not connecting or I need to nominate.. I am not righteous, everyone goes into that booth to nominate somebody . So you have to pick someonoe at some point. So that is why I do nominate Efe.”

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    Raymond Butter Asks: “Was anything real with you or was it all acting?”

    To raymond… Everything was the way it way.. It was no acting, It was no emotion. Bisola is more like a little bit of myself. When I party, I party hard. I don’t like the place to be dull. She’s got the lyrics and vibe kinda move and then she moves with it. I also do the same. I might not know the lyrics but I really love to have a good time. To Raymond, I did 100% have fun.

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    Idowu Olufemi Asks: “Did you ever want to reveal your secret?”

    In the third week. I wanted to expose who I was. Cos I didn’t just want to throw out all my cards and just be that guy who is just concentrated on work. But when we had that week where we had to eat rubbish or keep our secret. If I was the first guy, I probably would have not eaten. So that my secret would be exposed. But 4 people before me ate. So it means they had secrets they were keeping. So let the world not judge me.


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