#BBNaija: Day 38 – Debie-Rise Feeling a bBit Insecure, Body Painting Exercises & The Housemates Lose Their Wager

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Debie-Rise is feeling a bit Insecure

Uriel spent the better part of the mid-morning advising a rather timid Debie-Rise on how to assert herself more in the House.

The two sat in the kitchen and discussed the numerous instances where Debie-Rise had to defend her point while discussing various issues with the other Housemates. Uriel advised her not to brush it off, should a Housemate make her feel uncomfortable during a discussion.

“If we’re all together and you feel attacked, maybe you can respond by saying, ‘um listen, why do you like doing this in front of everybody?’ Say it in front of everybody. It will mean ‘don’t mess with me,’” she advised.

She also pointed out how several other Housemates tend to “roll their eyes” at Debie-Rise’s comment every time there’s a discussion in the House.

“Honestly, I’ve rolled my eyes at you a couple of times. I remember the time we had a guest, I can’t remember who it was right now, but I remember that you asked the guest if you could bring your guitar and I thought to myself, ‘Oh God, this girl again with her guitar!’ However, I went back to the bedroom and asked myself why I did that because I knew it was wrong. I respect your hustle,” she added.

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Debie-Rise agreed that she too had noticed some of the Housemates’ reactions from time to time, saying these reactions had made her hold back a bit.

Uriel was quick to remind her that she should always keep her eye on the prize.

“This House isn’t set up for you to be comfortable. There are many times where I’ve felt alone in this House. You must never allow anybody to put you down,” she added.

Volleyball with a twist

Biggie had the Housemates playing a different kind of volleyball this afternoon. It involved balloons and paint, instead of the usual volleyball ball.

The Housemates were divided into two groups, with Team A led by Debie-Rise and Team B, Marvis. The teams had to pass a balloon filled with paint no more than three times, before trying to burst it on their opponent’s side of the net.

Team A members are Debie-Rise, ThinTallTony, Bally, Uriel and TBoss, while Marvis, Bassey, Kemen, Efe and Bisola were members of Team B.

Before the game started, Biggie reminded them that playing sports was good for one’s body.

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“Where is the energy in the House? Could it be that you’re missing somebody?” Biggie wondered.

The Housemates got into it, as soon as Biggie’s Ninja sounded the buzzer and soon enough, there was paint all over the floor in the Arena. Biggie nullified a few goals as he felt the balloon was squashed on the porch, instead of on the opponents’ side of the court.

At the end of the game, TBoss told Debie-Rise that she did not feel part of the team during the game.

“I thought the best way to do it was to pass the balloon to the people closest to the net,” Debie-Rise defended her plan.

TBoss was still not convinced, “I didn’t stay close to the net because Bally squashed the balloon. You could have passed a balloon to me,” she said. Debie-Rise then promised to pass the balloon to TBoss, should they play another game and be on the same team.

Although Biggie communicated his disappointment in the teams, saying they did not show much team spirit, some of the Housemates felt they had actually played a good game.

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Body painting Exercises

Biggie had decided that the Housemates needed to keep in line with the theme for the week and this was evident in the next Task; Body Painting.

The Housemates were required to use their bodies as a paint brush and they were to create artistic masterpieces on the provided canvas. The Housemates were instructed by Big Brother to split into pairs, and Biggie, in all benevolence had decided how the pairings should be:

Pair one: ThinTallTony and Marvis

Pair two: Bisola and Bassey

Pair three: Kemen and Uriel

Pair four: Bally and TBoss

Pair five: Efe and Debie-Rise

As soon as their paintings were done, Big Brother asked the Housemates to exit the Arena so as to get ready for their Wager Task Presentation.

At the end of their presentations Big Brother told them he didn’t think they put in their best effort and for that they had lost their 100% wager.

The housemates were unmoved about this as they celebrated because they were proud of themselves especially as none of them had a flair for art.

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