Three Nigerian Ladies Expose Married Nigerian Guy Who Claimed He Was Single, He Defends Himself

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A Nigerian man on Facebook, with the name Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo, has been called out by 3 Nigerian ladies, for lying that he’s single, whereas, he’s a married man.
Natalie Ewaen, the lady who opened the floor of the whole scandal, accused the man of dating multiple women at the same time and also duping them.

She wrote:

“Let me tell you my story.
I dated one guy who also doubles as a family friend; we kinda grew up together.
While we were in the relationship, bros was planning a wedding to an ex he denied vehemently. Because we were in different Countries, it was very convenient. Smh.

I thought I went through betrayal, but that’s nothing compared to the new trend on social media.
The evil some of you do amazes satan!!!
Like the case of this man Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo

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He actually dates multiple women at the same time, visits them in their different locations, goes down on one knee and pops the question, duped some very unfortunate ones and then moves unto the next girl
Is this a generational curse or something? You people should help me answer?
What kind of wickedness will make a man go around denying his wife and children, and proposing to different women across Nigeria?
Mr Iniabasi, your game is up! You and the many men who troll women on social media, doing the work of Satan. You are not worthy enough to have a family, people like you should be dumped in a psychiatric home and not allowed visitors till the day they die.
I hate callous, conscienceless people. I detest deceit with all my life.
Tell me you’re married let me choose to date you “at owner’s risk”.
Tell me you’re tired of a relationship (or marriage) let me choose to walk or stay and don’t be living parralell lives.
Sorry to say this to his wife….Madam, you don’t have a husband: you have a fuckboy living in your home.
Women be careful, there are many devils on Social media. Sometime you cannot do enough research, some dudes are very smart as they even allow you visit or stay with them for sometime. I don’t know how they manage this though….#evilhearts
Please share so his next victim (and others like him) will be warned.

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Defending himself, Iniabasi revealed that he was called out because one guy whose name he gave as Ubong Kingsley-Udoh, accused him of snatching his girlfriend.

However, Iniabasi’s infidelity was further confirmed by two other ladies, Clever Preye and Ozoemena Eudora Udonna, who accused him of duping them and also alleged they know some other ladies who fell victim to his stories.

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They also shared screenshots of their chat with him, to confirm the story.

The ladies also shared screenshots of his chats begging in their inboxes that the post should be taken down, and photos of his wife too.

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