Ice Prince Reveals He Is A Serial Cheat, Says He Cheated On Maima

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Ice Prince has opened up on his relationship with Maima Nkewa which lasted approximately 24 months.

The Oleku crooner admits he has ruined his relationships because he is a serial cheat. One of the perks of being a male celebrity is that female fans get to drool over you, so that might just be expected.

The relationship between Ice Prince and Maima came into public scrutiny after the rapper defended her after allegations she cheated on him.

In an interview with LIB Ice Prince owns up to Cheat!ng on Maima.

Excerpts from the interview.

IB: Did you ever cheat on Maima?
Ice Prince: Yeah
LIB: When she was being called out for Cheat!ng on you, were you defending her out of guilt?
IP: No, she didn’t cheat on me that time. She was totally honest in that situation. I don’t think she ever cheated on me. I had to defend her then because people were saying stuffs that weren’t true and I’m the boyfriend. so, I had to fight for my girl and people were calling her all sorts of name. She was totally innocent in that situation. I did my research very deep. Even if the world doesn’t believe that, I know what I’m saying. Nobody knows what we were then. So when I defended her, it was not because I felt guilty about anything, it was because she was innocent and I didn’t like the names people were calling her.
LIB: Have you ever been cheated on by a girl
IP: I don’t know, I wouldn’t say I know of any. I haven’t caught any of my girlfriends Cheat!ng on me. Actually, I always mess up. It’s never them messing up. It always me. I have been blessed to date some of the very nicest girls. I take my time before I get into relationships and I have been blessed to have some amazing women come in my life but I always mess up.
LIB: Give us an example of one time you messed up?
IP: Many times, I cheat just like any other guy and sometimes I’m caught Cheat!ng or checking out somebody else. It is not something I’m proud of but I’m just being honest.
LIB: How do the ladies feel when they found out you cheated on them?
IP: All of them went through hell..lol  It is not something I’m proud of. Its not a good thing but I’m just been honest with you because you are sitting down here and talking to me about it and I’m an honest man

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