I Regret Being a Polygamist – Jide Kosoko Tells How He Landed With 4 Wives

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Jide Kosoko left nothing unsaid as he recounted how he became a polygamist with four wives.

The Veteran Nollywood actor, in an interview with the Punch, disclosed on his life as a polygamist.
According to him, he married his second wife because he needed someone who understands the entertainment industyr.

The 63-year-old talked on dated his 3rd and 4th wives simultaneously and ended up getting married to both of them.

Jide Kosoko’s first two wives died during childbirth, which caused him to be a single parent.

However, his friends antics and a doctor’s advice, which made him take two more wives, with the third being Henrietta, who passed on in June 2016.

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Excerpts from the interview:
“If I have to be frank, I regret being a polygamist. I must confess. I did not really plan it and it was designed beyond my power because I never planned to marry so many wives. I first married one wife but she was not part of the job I was doing and in those days, you needed a very trustworthy assistant. That pushed me to marrying the second wife. I stayed with them until I lost them both eleven months apart in the same scenario – childbirth.”

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“A doctor of mine advised against [staying single]. He said I was still young and needed to take a wife. I looked at the situation critically and realised that a lot of my friends were coming to my apartment with their girlfriends and I saw myself as becoming irresponsible and my house was a free house. Some of those of my friends were married yet they still brought their girlfriends to my house. I felt if I had a wife, all that would not happen so I tried to get another wife. I was romancing two women with the mind of settling down with one. But eventually, the two entered. That was how I became a polygamist.”

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“It would be madness if at this stage, at 63 years old, I would be thinking of having a new wife. I have over 12 children I am taking care of and I have some of them that are grown up and are taking care of me as well. My wife died and left me with two teenagers and I have to take care of them.”

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