Comedian AY Shares Powerful Message On Dealing With Haters

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Popular Comedian, Ayo Makun popularly known as AY is definitely one to share exciting posts via his Instagram. In a lengthy post shared on his page, the Comedian addressed the term ‘haters’ in a pretty good intelligent way via a culled piece. See his post below:

One of the reasons that makes it the hardest thing to survive low times for many of us is entertaining the thought of how good our haters must feel about what is happening to us. .
Did I just use the term “haters”? Those who know me know I feel the term is abused and so cliche used. This is true but only an ignorant one would deny that we all have them. Those who secretly suffer when we shine and feel such relief when we suffer.
The consciousness of this sick group of people can weaken the zeal to stand right back up for many. The echoing laughter in your head is quick to infect your spirit with the most negative of vibes ranging from shame, pain, anger, regret and vengeance
I have learnt from my trials that this is perfection given to waste. Waste of your time and energy. You must realize that their opinion has absolutely no bearing on how things can turn out. The power it holds is entirely yours to give. .
The mockery, gossip, etc towards you at times not so smooth is not an indication of how big your issues are but a pointer to how unhappy their hearts are. It takes a great deal of misery to laugh at the misfortunes of others. The reaction tells you more about the pain of the one laughing than the one being laughed at.
Do please deduce from this day on that the appropriate emotion to feel for a hater who laughs at your pain is sympathy. Behind the “hehehe” is truly “helphelphelp” as the “l” and “p” are silent. Not to forget too that at the bottom of this pain is envy which is not addressed by trying to be better or higher than you but by hoping to see you in a worse and lower place than they are.(Lol. What an approach to feeling better about your life.)
Having understood the psychology of these lot, please focus on your rise. Never satisfy them with the confirmation of a frown or a countenance pinned down. Keep their miserable lives suffering by putting all 32 on display as you courageously wait out the momentary trials
So no childish confrontations or petty trade of words. You become stronger and get up quicker when you are absolutely oblivious to whoever is watching the process – Emma Ugolee

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