Chris Brown shuts down rumours of a Rihanna reunion

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Chris Brown and Rihanna’s unending drama.

Days after following Riri’s best friend on Instagram, many felt Chris Brown was trying to warm his way back into Rihanna’s heart ..

Well, he has doused the gist by his response below.

Others are saying perhaps, he’s going after Rihana’s best friend herself. Obviously, Chris is treading on shaky territory. It would be a pretty big violation of girl code if Melissa responded to Chris’ advances, so we can’t see them getting together any time soon. Still, we’ll keep you posted!

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Fans instantly freaked out at the prospect of Chris going after RiRi’s best girl, and most importantly, they do not believe for one second that Chris considers Melissa to be only a “friend”. “Okay so if that’s always been the homie why is he just barely following her now?” one user commented on Instagram. “I mean….if she was and always was the homie y u just now following her? Ok sis,” another echoed. It is pretty suspicious!

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