10 Romantic Things You Can Do For Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day…

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    Valentine’s Day is a big deal to a girl, so you’d better make sure that it’s a day to remember. If you haven’t got anything planned yet and you’re still struggling to come up with an idea, here’s some last minute ideas for 10 romantic things you can do for your girlfriend this Valentine’s day.

    1. Book a room

    Even if you’re not planning to go out of town, getting out the house will still make it an extra special day. Book a room in a hotel and reserve a table for dinner.

    Phone ahead and get some flowers and a box of chocolates, put in the room, and you have a relatively inexpensive and easy Valentines surprise, that will still be romantic.

    2. Stay in and cook her dinner

    Surprise her with your culinary expertise and rustle up something great for her in the kitchen.

    Lay the table with some roses and candles, because that’s just as important as the food to set the right the mood.

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    She will love it that you went to all the trouble to cook her favourite meal and made that special evening to be so romantic.

    3. Book a romantic weekend for two

    Valentine’s Day is over a weekend this year and you’re still not too late to find somewhere to stay away for the weekend. Get online and find some last minute deals, you can always tell her you had it planned for ages!

    4. Take her on a starlight picnic

    Depending on what the weather is like where you are, a picnic under the stars is a really romantic way to spend a Valentine’s evening. Pack a picnic hamper and blanket and drive somewhere out of time and spend a romantic time, all alone, in the open air (well, if it’s not too cold, of course).

    5. Do Something Exciting

    There’s no rule that says Valentine’s Day should be the traditional dinner for two. Why not book a reservation to a sporting activity or playing a sport.

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    If you both enjoy physical activity, then it’s a great way to have fun together on Valentine’s Day.
    6. Go to a Karaoke bar

    If your girlfriend can sing, or thinks she can, then a fun night out at a karaoke bar, singing romantic duets together, will be a night to remember.

    Or, if one of you is too shy to sing in public, have a karaoke night at home. There are plenty of web sites that will provide you with the music and the lyrics, or just try to find them on youtube.

    7. Have a movie night at home

    Some girls would just love to have a night in with Pizza and a pile of romantic DVD’s to watch. Get everything ready, so she can just kick off her shoes and sit back and relax.

    Just make sure you pick the movies that she’s going to like, not just your favourites.

    8. Check out the local live music

    If the lady of your life likes her music, then take her to a local music venue or club. You won’t find the big names, but the smaller venues are much more intimate and the music is more real.

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    You never know, you could be one of the first people to have seen the next mega band live.

    9. Book a date at a spa

    Pamper both you and your girlfriend with a date at a spa. You can book for the day or to stay over the weekend and share in the fun.

    Many spa resorts do fantastic couple packages, so hunt around and make that last minute reservation.

    10. Don’t forget next year!

    A word of advice: don’t leave it so late next Valentine’s Day! It’s a lot easier to get things organised if you put a note in your diary in advance of February 14 th.

    Imagine what would happen if you had forgotten it all together!
    Stay happy, love and be loved!


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