Woman Forced Into Prostitution To Pay Off A N450m Debt

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A fortune teller in Japan reportedly forced a woman into prostitution after blackmailing her and telling her she owed her lots of money. She told her to sleep around with different men just to raise the money to offset her debts.

The Tokyo District Court came to the conclusion that the fortune teller scammed the woman into believing she owed her money and made the woman resort to working with Lilith.

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The psychic managed to convince the woman to move to an apartment and also made her sell her body to pay rent and other costs.

The report indicated that the victim began visiting the fortune teller for consultations around 2008 and became dependent on her advice. After three years she found herself living in the psychic’s flat and even began servicing men for money to pay the psychic off.

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The report indicated that the psychic made the woman live on the equivalent of $1 (N500) a day! But the judge ruled that the psychic will have to pay the victim about $900 000 (N450,000,000) for the damage she inflicted on her.

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