See The Last Words Of Babcock Student Before He Committed Suicide

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Verishima Unokyur, a student of Babcock University was found dead after what appears to be a suicide in his home at Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos.

Verishima, 19, was a student of Social Work at Babcock University until his suicide on Tuesday 3rd of January 2017. According to Punch, he sent a New Year message to his friend that ended with “See you in Heaven”.

Asor, his younger brother, was the one who found his body around 7am that morning. He said:

“I was sleeping when my phone rang and when I checked, I saw that it was my mum calling. She said I should come and open the door for her. As I was coming down, I saw my brother dangling like a pendulum from where he hanged himself. That was around 7am.

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“He didn’t complain about anything. But I remember that before I went to sleep, he was quiet. I asked what was wrong with him, but he said nothing. My mum had just the two of us; he was my elder brother.”

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A close family friend was quoted to have said the victim had informed his mother that he would soon die.

“The two children lost their father about 15 years ago. It was their mother that had been responsible for their upkeep and she made them comfortable. She is a top employee of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria.

“He had been telling the mother that he had the feeling that he would die soon.

“The mother attends one of the Pentecostal churches and so when the boy said he would die, she took him to the church and they prayed for him.

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“A night to the day of this incident, the boy picked his phone and sent a text message to his best friend, wishing him a happy new year. At the end of that message, he wrote, ‘see you in heaven’. It was the following morning that his remains were found dangling from his tie.”

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