LASU Clarifies What Constitutes Academic Fraud

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Academic Fraud is any act by a student that may result in a distorted academic evaluation for that student or another.

Academic Fraud in the Lagos State University include but is not limited to activities such as:

-Plagiarism or Cheat!ng in any way;

-Submitting work not partially or fully the student’s own, excluding properly cited quotations and references. Such work includes assignments, essays, tests, exams, research reports and theses, regardless of whether the work is written, 0ral or another form;

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-Presenting research data that are forged, falsified or fabricated;

-Attributing a statement of fact or reference to a fabricated source.
-Submitting the same work or a large part of the same piece of work in more than one course, or a thesis or any other piece of work submitted elsewhere without the prior approval of the appropriate academics (Lecturer in charge, level coordinator, departmental head etc);

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-Falsifying or misrepresenting an academic evaluation, using forged or altered supporting documents or facilitating the use such documents;
-Taking any action aimed at falsifying an academic evaluation

The Lagos State University does not tolerate academic fraud. Students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) are kindly advised to familiarize with the above listed as defaulters will face stiff disciplinary actions.

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