How Block Of Flats Tenants In 3rd Avenue Festac-Town Were Ejected From Their Houses

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It was a very sad and shocking scenario for residents in some block of flats in 3rd Avenue as they were forcefully ejected from their homes. The said occupants were staff who worked for FMBN before it closed up and were given the flats as gratuity instead of cash payment.

Where it all began. It was given to the workers of FMBN and one man who was sacked suddenly claims he owns property after bank liquidated. Since 1995, It was said that an individual bought over the property from the closed bank . Some say he was a sacked worker who suddenly claimed he owned the property. In 2010 , the case was taken to the high court and since then its been one issue or the other.

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According to an affected tenant,

“After the first verdict, tenants went further to the court of appeal and the verdict was top be given on the 25th of January 2017 but to the surprise of tenants on the morning of January 23rd , officials of the high court,sheriffs, police men with guns stormed the block in the early hours of the morning to evict people throwing properties down the building”.

According to some affected individuals , the said owner of the property has never shown his face in court but always represented. Some of these tenants are old, dead leaving families behind, some sick and were all thrown out without prior notice.

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Some individuals who were not around during this action and others were asked to pay huge sum of money before their properties can be released.

Block reps calls the lawyer who informed the judge and the judge said it was an illegal action cos he’s yet to give a verdict They went to court and was told they would be compensated but nothing yet.

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If they claimed the bank sold the property, who did they sell to? Where’s the proof? If all that were true, why would this case have dragged on in court over 7 years?

Why did sheriffs come forcefully eject people without waiting for the judge’s verdict holding tomorrow? These are questions being asked.

On the slated day, the lawyer of the opposition didn’t show up in court for the verdict. The judge adjourned till February 13 2017 and told the block’s lawyer to file against their actions and asked people to move in to their properties.

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