Admission Requirements Into Engineering And Technology Department

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i. The degree programmes in Engineering and Technology normally last five years, post school certificate or equivalent.

ii. For admission to all degree programmes, candidates must satisfy the admission requirements of the University in general, and of the various departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology in particular.

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iii. Entry through the University Matriculation Examination (UME), the Minimum entry requirements for year I or 100 level shall be 5(five) credit passes in the School Certificate Examinations, GC.E. O’ Level, or equivalent obtained in English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and any other subject from the approved list, plus acceptable level of performance in the University Matriculation Examination (U.M.E.).

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iv. Direct Entry (D.E.) candidates may be admitted into 200 – Level (year 2) if they have, 1. Satisfied the admission requirements as specified in( c) above and ii. Obtained passes at the G.C.E. A’ Level or equivalent in Physics, and mathematics. Candidates with outstanding N.C.E Technical or O.N.D. results may be considered.

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