4 Things You Must Know Before You Register For 2017 JAMB

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Information reaching me today is that JAMB form will officially be out any moment from now…

I decided to drop this guidelines earlier so that those writing JAMB wont make any iota of mistake. You must make it oh whether you like it or not, lol!

The vision of this stupendous group is to make your dream, a reality and we are committed to it!
Now lets go…

1. WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF JAMB? Please before you register for 2017 jamb, cast away any iota of fear of failure in you. Thought of failure is the beginning of failure.
That you didn’t score high last year doesn’t mean you wont make it this year. Believe in yourself & be optimistic that this gotta be your last jamb. With God and determination, all things are possible… FORGET THE PAST AND FOCUS ON YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE.

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2. CAREER CHOICE: Please I beg you with peculiar intensity of manner, never allow anyone to choose your course of study, be it your parents or close friends… You know yourself and your ability. Ask yourself, do I love this course I wanna put? Do I have the ability and all it takes to study it? Do I have passion for it? Make sure you answer those questions yourself. And also consult your God.
Studying a course you don’t have passion for “may” lead to frustrations … THINK ABOUT IT.

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3. RIGHT SUBJECT COMBINATIONS: Make sure you choose the right subject combinations. Someone got 280 in JAMB last year, reach her department cut off mark but not admitted due to this error…
Consult your JAMB brochures or ask anybody studying that your dream course to guide you…If your not informed, you “may” be deformed.

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4. DOUBLE JAMB REGISTRATION: For the sake of your future, forget about double registration.

Those caught last year got there JAMB results cancelled and were banned from taking JAMB for 3 years… DO YOU WANNA RISK YOUR FUTURE? THE CHOICE IS YOURS ANYWAY.

Good luck to you all that gotta participate in 2017 UTME exam.

My next post regarding to JAMB is tag “5 IRREFUTABLE PRINCIPLES OF BLASTING JAMB”, Don’t miss it, watch out for it soon!

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