My Life is Perfect, I Do This Everyday – Rukky Sanda

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Rukky Sanda shared a video of herself dancing and captioned it with a long message.

The actress wrote,

“Mood; I wake up this happy everyday… Literally smiling & then I thank my Good Gracious Amazing GOD for another day given… If u wake up next to me seeing the big smile on my face,u’d prollythink I’m cray* cray* Lol!
But that smile I wear d & positivity that fills my heart is nothing short but d Grace of My Living God and his presence… He says Surrender all to me to my will & I shall guide and Direct ur path… It’s how I live my life… They say she’s too happy, she has no problem her life is perfect, I can gooonnand on…. Yes I am happy & my life is perfect even tho some might say there’s nothing like perfection*
Guess what!!! I don’t agree… I say when u give it to God to do his will, he will PERFECT everythingdatconcerns u.Tzbeen an Eventful year… I won’t go into details cos I don’t believe in talking or posting everything, (I Keep it Simple) Only confine in God & move on knowing he’s in charge &datsstory… Story..Anyways Compliments Of the season to everyone. Fans I love u all & keep u in my prayers… I hope u find ur happy place… I pray God uplifts & elevates u in every area of ur life… I pray 2017 brings u all d blessings u hope for and d few days left in this year brings u nothing but Joy & pleasant surprises. Stay Positive and keep God first always… Much love to u guys… (Btw* @rukkysandastudios page will be officially active soon with set pics, food tutorials and all my snaps)Tzgoing to be an interesting page) Casting calls will be posted on there too and I am personally running d page) God bless u all. Wish u a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year In Advance…”

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